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Feature Comparison

Shade3D 公式

Feature comparison among different grade options of Shade3D

This feature comparison table introduces the features of Shade3D Ver.21with particular focus on major functions.

*FORUM8 will continue to add more new features and enhance existing ones.

Ver.21 new features available in each of the 3 grade options


"2D Drawing"
"2D Drawing Tool"
2D Drawings supported for DXF file import/export
Ability to import/export glTF files - -
HDR display
"Real-time shadow display"
"New Slot(Arc) Shape" - -
"Improved Mirror Tool"
Added "α Blend", "α Mask", and "Opaque" as options for PBR Material Transparency Settings - -
Supports the option "No Shading" to PBR Material - -
Setting of one or both faces can be applied to the whole material
Added the display of "Absolute Coordinates" to the measuring tool
Improved 4K Display to show the actual size of rendered image (Improvement of HiDPI support)
Added font size

Other features available in each grade options

Interface Supporting the input of numerical expressions in numerical input boxes
Scene file information
Improved 4K Display in GUI
Supporting stereoscopic view of perspective view preview window※1
Preview Rendering
Templates for faces to work on
Smooth zoom-in/zoom-out display of drawings
Display of color for wireframe shapes / Display of colors on markers
Display of scale reference
Display of Global Illumination on shape window -
Ability to switch coordinates axis to Z-UP -
Work space for CAD - -
Anti-aliasing settings on shade window
Windows 10/macOS Mojave Dark Mode
Display of drawing window for PBR Materials - -
High resolution display of textures
Animation of modeling operation (Movement of camera position using fit buttons)
Supporting Metal(macOS), DirectX 12(Windows 10)
Supporting the input of hexadecimal number colors
Modeling Polygon modeling
Free surface modeling
NURBS modeling - -
Ability to assemble NURBS surfaces - -
Detection and measurement of NURBS surface interference - -
Measurement (Surface area / Volume / Center of Gravity) - -
Ability to convert free surfaces into NURBS - -
Covert NURBS curves into linear shapes - -
Boolean operation (Floating type) - -
Unfillet NURBS curves - -
Ability to measure radius of the arc of NURBS curves and NURBS surfaces - -
Supporting the creation of curves on NURBS curves - -
Snap objects
3D Printing Assistant
Wrapping mesh
Measuring tool
Display of cross-section view
Ability to convert meshes into voxels
Polygon reduction
Sliding tool
Subdivision surface OpenSubdiv
Bounding box: Inputting of numerical values
Boolean modeling
Link shapes
Offset of linear shapes
Vertex bevel / Edge bevel
Merge/Bridge vertices
Coloring vertices
Coloring vertices: Bake colors -
Ability to select shortest path
Ability to separate selected ridges
Ability to keep least thickness
Magnet tools
Ability to select errors detail
Mesh Editing Tools
Modeling light
Replicator -
Hair salon -
Hair animation via collision detection, gravity, and momentum - -
Text primitive
Ability to specify position of manipulator
Show cancellation history -
Align shapes
3D Annotation (Display of dimension lines) - -
Ability to assign materials to surfacs Expand to a flat view -
Re-arrange UV -
UV Map Editing
LSCM *Ability to unwrap UV -
Direct/Indirect light
Lighting Map
Normal line mapping
Material parameter volume (Volume rendering) -
Displacement mapping -
Material parameter: Subsurface scan rendering - -
PBR Material - -
Camera/Lighting/Background Add Walk Camera
Physical sky -
Volume lighting -
Supporting softness of shadows in ray tracing - -
Ability to set light distribution of light source (IES data) - -
Rendering Maximum rendering size (Pixels)   2K:2,500x2,500


Batch rendering
Setting image gamma
Merge backdrop of rendering image and image files
Ability to set shadow catcher shapes
Global Illumination: Path Tracing
Global Illumination: Path Tracing / Irradiance Cache
Global Illumination: Photon Mapping
Global Illumination: Radiosity
Global Illumination: Path Tracing + Photon Mapping -
Global Illumination: Supporting panorama rendering of irradiance cache
Global Illumination: Radiosity Pro - -
Stereoscopic rendering
Tune Renderer -
Multi-path Rendering -
Subdivision surfaces: OpenSubdiv characteristic adaptive division
Adjustment of quality of Surface Material / Light Source - -
Brightness adjustment -
Rendering history -
Real-time reflection of color corrections -
Glow Effector -
Depth of Field Effect Tool "DepthPlus" -
Tool for Fog Effects "FogPlus" -
ShadeGrid (number of grids)   1 grid   1 grid   Unlimited
Linear work flow
Supporting PBR Rendering - -
Addition of cube map shapes (Horizontal cross)/td>
Improvement of global illumination
Animation Animation of shape deformation by movement along straight line / rotation / scaling / consistent scaling / ball joints
Set animations using inverse kinematics structure -
Motion Effects -
Smart Kinematics / Aim Constraints / Path Constraints -
Particle Physics -
Files Supporting export of AI files from Adobe Illustrator -
Adobe Illustrator AI: Exporting trihedral figures simultaneously - -
IGES Import/Export (Supporting NURBS shapes) - -
STEP Import/Export - -
Up to 3 surfaces of any DXF file can be exported simultaneously - -
Photoshop(PSD)Export -
FBX Import/Export
2D and 3D DXF Import/Export
Wavefront OBJ (OBJ) Import/Export
STL Import/Export
Adobe Flash SWF (Tune Renderer) Export - -
Adobe Illustrator AI (Tune Renderer) Export - -
MPO Export
SketchUp Import
HDR/OpenEXR/PFM Import/Export
COLLADA Import - -
PoserFusion 2 (Importing pz3, pzz files)
BVH Motion Files Import -
EPix Export - -
3ds max(3DS)Import/Export - -
WAV/AU/AIF/AIFF Import/Export
AVI (Win/Mac) /MOV (Mac) Import/Export
Other features Synchronization of ShadeExplorer catalogs (Dropbox)
Plug-ins and Interface -
Script Interface

*1 Supporting anaglyph display that uses red and blue glasses, and full color display that uses polarized lighting method 3D motor using polarized light

*2 Supports bigger sizes depending on the size of PC memory.

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