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Shade3D Mobile for iOS

Using iPad’s 360 degree multi-touch gestures, it’s possible to view your 3D models in Shade3D mobile, from any and every side! Use Shade3D mobile to display your 3D projects for work, or for pleasure. 100% free Shade3D mobile turns your iPad into your 3D presentation tool. Includes several example models!

iOS 8, 9 compatibility

MagicalSketch 3D for iOS

Magicalsketch 3D is a software that can easily create colored 3D data ready to be 3D Printed!

With a single stroke, create an outline that will automatically be transformed in a 3-Dimensional shape. For the painting process, you can select different brushes and even use a photo or a drawing with the Stamp tool!

Shapeasy for iOS 

Shapeasy is a whole new kind of 3D app. By combining geometric (or freehand) shapes it's easy to create 3D models of surprising intricacy in very little time. Show off to friends, or send the file to a 3D printer to hold your creation in your hands!

ANYONE can make their imagination come alive in 3D. No expert knowledge required.