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Shade 3D FAQ


    macOS Sierra (10.12) - Compatibility Information


    The Shade 3D team wants to say


    Mac OS X El Capitan(10.11)- Information


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    In Mac OS X environment, Shade3D does no longer start when you install the latest update program.

    The Security (gatekeeper) of Mac OS X 10.8 (or later) will block the program. The start might take a long time.

    You will have to access the "Securit


    * What is the issue ?

    After applied LSCM UV unwrapping to a polygon mesh shape that contains "Face Group" materials, and save it to a scene file, the file will then be saved with a corrupted data. Open this file will show incorrect shading in viewport


    Windows 10 - Support Status


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    Troubleshooting while using a 3D Stereoscopic display with the NVIDIA® Quadro® graphic cards and NVIDIA® 3D Vision Pro™ with Windows 10


    Some problems seem to occur

    After Windows 10 updated, Shade 3D crashes occasionally.


    This happened with Intel HD Graphics video card driver version.

    It has been confirmed tha

    What is Shade3D Co.,Ltd?

    A Tokyo based company composed of the Shade 3D team members created in 2013! Check the About Us section out! 

    Thank you for using Shade3D.
    We would like to inform you about the response status of our products with macOS Big Sur.
    For details, please see the following according to the version you are using.

    Update Date: 2021.1.6

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