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Shade3D Marketplace provides an online store for Shade 3D community to share their plugins, scripts, widgets and content. Developers can host their Shade 3D tools in this Marketplace for either free download or purchase through our secure shopping online store.

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 Latest News & New Items


Medieval Weapon Set

1,300JPY (Approx.$10.00)


Shade Fashion Mall

12,000JPY (Approx.$100.00)


 Featured Items

 Hot Items

1- UVUtil 

500 JPY (Approx. 4.22 USD)

2- AOUtil 

500 JPY (Approx. 4.22 USD)

3- Skin Tool 

500 JPY (Approx. 4.22 USD)

4- Curved Surface Extractor


5- Minotauros


UVUtil and AOUtil remain still at the top of the list in Shade3D MarketPlace!

Considered by many as some of the best independent developed plugins for Shade 3D, you must have them!