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  Shade 3D ver.15.2     >>Updater Changes<<


Updated, Thursday 1st, October 2015  - New


Click this link to learn about the additional new features included in the updater for Shade 3D ver.15.2 (Windows and Mac OS X version), this also includes bug fixes and enhancements.

*Published on Friday 12, February 2016

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Updates History

Shade 3D ver.15

  Shade 3D ver.15.1.2   >>Updater Changes<< (2015/10/01)

  Shade 3D ver.15.1.1   >>Updater Changes<< (2015/08/10)

  Shade 3D ver.15.1      >>Updater Changes<< (2015/06/16)

  Shade 3D ver.15.0.1   >>Updater Changes<< (2015/03/20) 

Shade 3D ver.14

 A new Updater version 14.1.3 is now available. Click to see the changes!

Important Notice for the Windows users regarding this Updater version 14.1.3! (2014/12/17)

 QTVR Plugin Updater for 14.1.3 Mac OS X (2015/01/21)


To download Shade 3D updater from Shade 10 to ver.14, please fill out the form below and submit us your request. We will send you the download link through email. For Shade 3D ver.15 updater, click here and login your online store account.

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