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Shade3D SDK

Shade3D 公式
Shade3D SDK
Plug-in SDK for developing additional Shade3D features in the C++ language
Shade3D SDK
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Program Overview

Shade3D SDK is a Plug-in SDK for developing additional Shade3D features in the C++ language. With the Shade3D SDK, you can create high performance features that are tightly integrated with Shade3D, from simple solutions to advanced functionality. The plug-ins you create can be used for your personal use, distribution, and commercial use without restrictions.

Shade3D SDK allows the development of mainly the following functions
・Automation tools for model generation, editing and motion settings based on unique configuration items.
・Importer and Exporter for conversion to/from external 3D data and image formats
・Support for external rendering engines
・Information is displayed by drawing points, lines, planes and text on the drawing
・Ability to perform UI operations such as adding buttons to floating windows, dialogue boxes and control bars
・Simulation tools that uses physics engines

Examples of functions realized by the Plug-in

Plug-in functions in Shade3D are developed using the Shade3D SDK

[ Modeling ] spiral

[ Modeling ] regular polyhedron

[ File I/O ] glTF converter

[ Effect ] DepthPlus

[ Renderer ] Toon Renderer

[ Animation ] Particle Physics

[ Rendering ] Hair Saloon

[ Physics Calculation ] Cross Simulation

Document, sample plug-ins

Shade3D SDK also includes sample plug-ins and their source code, which can be used as a reference for devising ways to implement features and as a basis for developing new plug-ins. It also includes documentation with basic knowledge about plugin development, class references and schema definitions.

UI development sampe

SDK document

class references

Supported platforms and development environment

Can be developed for Windows and macOS platforms.

OS: Windows 10 64bit or higher
Development Tool: Visual Studio 2022 Community / Professional / Enterprise or higher

OS: macOS Big Sur 11 or higher
Development Tool: Xcode 13 or higher

System requirements for the plugin

Plug-ins created with Shade3D SDK works on Shade3D Professional/Standard.
The plug-in does not work on Shade3D Basic because it does not support the plug-in.
The plug-in does not work on Shade3D versions prior to Shade3D Ver. 22.2

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