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  Shade 3D ver.15.0.1 Updater Changes    >> Back to the updater page << 

Below are the bug fixes and enhancements contained in the updater for Shade 3D ver.15.0.1 (Windows and Mac OS X version).

(Published on March 20, 2015)


Bug fixes and improvements


- Modification of the division number specified in the pseudo-polygon:  problem fixed
Mac OS X: Crash when choosing solid texture plugin's material (Surface material) and perform modifications: problem fixed


Mac OS X modification of the "Meta-Shape", "Converted to Meta Shape" is not available: problem fixed


- NVIDIA 3D Vision® display is not properly displayed: problem fixed
- When shader is set to "standard", modification of the matrix shading gets inverted, problem occurs with the inverted part: problem fixed

- Modification of the "double-sided (back color)" in the "surface inversion" setting, when the check box is checked, the action is not reflected:  problem fixed

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