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 Shade 3D ver.14.1.3 Updater


 Shade 3D ver.14.1.3 Updater Changes (December 17th, 2014)


Here is an overview of the updater ver.14.1.3 changes.

Bug Fixed and improvements





Plugin SDK/Script



-(Mac OS X Only) At the color correction window, the image isn't being updated on the preview box after rendering -> Fixed

-Crash when changing shapes during radiosity calculation -> Fixed


- Time consuming problem during UV unwrapping with a high number of polygons -> Fixed

- While using the Knife Tool for polygons, non-manifold geometry generated -> Fixed

- "Merge Vertices : Merge Vertices at Center" connects unselected vertices -> Fixed



When a motion point is copied and pasted, the point duplicates -> Fixed

- (Standard & Pro) Crash after attempting to cancel the action of applying IK Goal to the upper part of IK's end -> Fixed

- (Standard & Pro) When the joint is set and the IK end and the IK route are overlapping, the IK cannot be deleted -> Fixed

- (Standard & Pro) Crash when deleting the joint of an overlapping IK end and IK route -> Fixed


- (Mac OS X Only) Plugin folder is not recognized as a bundle and some issues when the older version of the plugin icon is used -> Fixed

- When using iCloud for Windows 4, crash when importing SketchUp file  -> Fixed

- For Mac OS X 64bit, Flash exporter plugin in Image Window does not work -> Fixed

Plugin SDK/ Script

- Function : xshade.image_view().show_options() fails when called before the image window is initialized -> Fixed 

- A shape crashes in polygon conversion through scripting when the shape is under control of Cage modifier -> Fixed

- GlowEffector: Modification of "Changing the name of the preset..." dialog box's size is displayed too small -> Fixed 

- For Mac OS X 10.8: with the DXF Exporter, the DXF file format output was not correct -> Fixed 


Shapes behind the camera are displayed in parallel projection mode in perspective view-> Fixed

Shortcut "Distant Light : Previous" does not work correctly -> Fixed

- Problem when launching Shade 3D application if you've installed BitTorrent Sync 1.4  -> Fixed

- (Windows) When the vertical and horizontal scroll bar are displayed in the browser, the position of the check box group is shifted when you scroll down to the bottom -> Fixed


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