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Below are the bug fixes and enhancements contained in the updater for Shade 3D ver.15.2 (Windows and Mac OS X version).

*Published on February 15, 2016

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Bug fixes and improvements

Shade 3D ver.15.2 Updater Changes


Below are the bug fixes and enhancements contained in the updater for Shade 3D ver.15.2


New Enhancement


※ Shade 3D Subscription Activation / Deactivation Added

- Subscription activation through online store account login during launch supported

- Subscription license activation / deactivation through “Help” menu added



Bug fixes, Improvements and Specification Changes



- Fixed crash during application quits. [Mac OS X]


<File I/O>

- Fixed memory leak problem when scene file saved under XML format.

- Fixed FBX Importer when import distort shapes with bone or skin settings.

- Fixed FBX Exporter when export incorrect part joints with minus scale set.



- Fixed the problem of hole generation between faces when using primitive modeling.

- Fixed UV value and Vertex Color distortion when undo with “Append Face” mesh tool.

- Fixed UV value and Vertex Color distortion when “Add Point” to the polygon mesh object.

- Fixed the vertex ordering problem after convert to polygon meshes.

- Fixed the memory leak problem after applied convert to polygon meshes tool.

- Fixed the slowness problem when delete un-bind joints from skinned shape.

- Fixed the manipulator not show problem when select part that contains “Light”, “Camera” or “Joint” only.

- Fixed the incorrect manipulator position when select link object of “Light”, “Joint” or empty part.

- Fixed the bounding box position that always show positive values.

- Fixed the incorrect spotlight drawing in figure window when Spotlight object selected and input either “+” or “-” value in the “Intensity” parameter at Object Info window.

- Fixed a crash issue when mulitple objects are selected and editing the text box with “-” value in Object Info window that shown “######”.



- Fixed the incorrect rendering problem when using smaller than 4 pixels size (either width or height with less than 4 pixels) image with bump mapping.

- Fixed the rendering crash problem during initialization.


<Figure Window Drawing>

- Fixed the memory leak problem when work plane is shown and mouse move around the figure window.

- Fixed serious multiple operations memory leak problem.

- Fixed show wireframe with the selected object when modify under “Joint” or “IK” mode.

- Fixed the cross-line animation when switching viewport layout.

- Under Direct X version, figure window displayed incorrectly when one or two viewports shown. [Windows]

- Fixed the slowness display problem under shading mode. For Windows, only certain hardware can be reproduce this problem



- Fixed the selection of ParticlePhysics objects in a scene. [Professional / Standard]



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