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300JPY (Approx. $2.50)




For Windows Users:

Copy the SVGImporter.dll (64bit version SVGImporter64.dll) to "C\Users\username\Documents\Shade 3D ver.15\plugins" folder and start Shade 3D.

For Mac OS users:

Copy the "SVGImporter.shdplugin" folder to "/Users/username/Documents/Shade 3D ver.15/plugins" folder and start Shade 3D.


Operating Environment


Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Mac OS X 10.9.x / 10.10.x
Shade 3D Version:  Shade 3D Standard / Professional ver.14 or later
※ not compatible with versions of Shade 3D prior to ver.14.0.
※ not compatible with Shade 3D Basic.



300JPY (Approx. $2.50)