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 1300JPY (Approx.$10.00 USD)



 Optimized for Game use! Including OBJ file and high resolution textures.

An outstanding set of 5 medieval weapons with their wooden rack! You will find in this set:

- A claymore

- A war hammer

- An axe

- A shield

- A morning star

- A wooden rack 


Download the weapons separately ! Or Download the full pack and have a discount (1500 -> 1300 JPY !)


War Hammer 300JPY


Axe 300JPY 


Claymore 300JPY 


Shield 300JPY 


Morning Star 300JPY 


Weapons Rack 300JPY 


Amazing quality and level of details

Ready for Unity and other game engines

2K textures: Diffuse, Normal & Roughness maps

Low polygon 


Weapons available in this set





Shade3D Co.,Ltd.

Installation Notes

Simply Download the *.shd file (*.obj included) and open it with your version of Shade 3D.

Operating Environments


- Shade 3D all versions, recommended: ver.14 or later
- Windows: 7/8/8.1
- Mac: OS X 10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11

 1300JPY (Approx.$10.00 USD)

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