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Shade3D Ver.19 English Version is now shipped.

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Shade3D ver.16










Basic Version: $85.00 (USD)   Standard Version: $331.00 (USD) Professional Version: $666.00 (USD)
Discontinued Discontinued Discontinued

*All images presenting Shade3D Co.,Ltd. products are representing downloadable content

*Products are available in English language only.

*All services included user support, product registration, upgrade to newer version and cross upgrade to higher level are target to English version only. We don't provide option to upgrade English version to Japanese version.


Shade3D Professional: One Year Subscription  


Purchase One Year Subscription of Shade3D Professional version! Access our One Year Subscription page and learn more about the benefits of subscribing to this offer.



$289.00 USD









Three versions of Shade3D are available to suit any budget or purpose. To find out what the differences are, please see the Features Comparison Table for more details in Shade3D ver.16. 



Select your Shade3D     





The Basic version contains all the essential 3D tools for modeling, rendering, animation, 3D printing or creating characters or props for your own game.


Modeling Tools


*Build models using curved surface, polygon mesh, meta-ball and boolean modeling tools  

*Import illustrations and build models out from them as templates

*Import illustrations and build models out from them as templates



Materials and Surface Tools



*Create surfaces with unlimited layers of materials, textures
*Import unlimited texture maps as parallax bump maps
*Use projection mapping to set up your materials



Scene Set Up Tools



*Unlimited number of custom, static, animated cameras  

*Control the quality of shadow rendering  

*Beautiful, realistic volumetric lighting, support for negative lights  

*Camera control with tilt, video safe zones  



Outstanding Rendering and Animation



*Brilliant radiosity and global illumination rendering support
*32/64/128 bit depth with color correction; HDRI image support
*Object transformation animation, morphing and camera animation support
*3D sound object renders stereo sounds with doppler effect
*Real 3D stereoscopic rendering and exporting as .mpo (for Stereoscopic 3D TV)
*Realtime preview rendering
*Rendering size in Basic version limited to 2500 x 2500 pixels (1080p HD size)



3D Printing Check and Output


*Shade3D Printing Assistant checks and optimize 3D models for 3D printing
*Thickness tool support and other polygon check features
*Import and export STL format







The Standard version includes all the features from Shade3D Basic version plus plugins support and more advance features such as,


Modeling Tools



*Path and Surface Replicator

*Hair and Fur Creation tools

*Instance Shape


Advance Material / Light / Background



*Displacement Mapping
*Volumetric Materials
*LSCM UV Unwrap
*Volume Lights
*Physical Sky



Outstanding Rendering and Animation



*Multi-Pass Rendering
*Toon Rendering
*Motion Blur
*Inverse Kinematics (IK)
*Vertex Blending / Weight Painting
*Bones and Skin
*Particle Physics
*Rendering size in Standard version limited to 4500 x 4500 pixels (4K UHD size)







The Professional version is the Ultimate tool for 3D modeling, rendering and animation. Included all the features from Standard version plus many more.


Scene and Modeling Tools



*Save into Lock scene file with security password
*Collision Detection in Hair and Fur creation tools


Advance Material / Light


*Subsurface Scattering
*IES Light Import
*Soft Shadow in Raytracing



Powerful Rendering Features



*Radiosity Pro
*Rendering History
*Vector output in Toon Rendering
*Live Preview in Color Correction
*Depth of Field (DepthPlus)
*Fog, Animated Fog (FogPlus)
*Unlimited rendering size in Professional version (Up to available memory)

*Unlimited render nodes in ShadeGrid Network Rendering



More File Import and Export



*BVH Motion File Import
*Piranesi Epix Export
*3ds Max (3DS)
*Lightwave 3D (LWO)







Standard Price List





Grade (Level)



Shade3D ver.16 Basic



Shade3D ver.16 Standard



Shade3D ver.16 Professional




Upgrade from Shade 3D ver.14, 15



Basic → Basic (ver.16)



Standard → Standard (ver.16)



Professional → Professional (ver.16)



Cross Upgrade from Shade 3D ver.14, 15, 16



Basic → Standard (ver.16)



Basic → Professional (ver.16)



Standard → Professional (ver.16)



Price List in US Dollars (Prices are subject to change without prior notice.)

For more information concerning our *Refund Conditions, please read the text below.

Refund Conditions

- For any request concerning a refund, Shade3D Co.,Ltd. needs a proof of sales (with problem such as "double orders", "Mistakenly ordered or upgraded" may consider for a refund).

- The time limit of refund is three (3) months after the customer has made the payment.

- The proportion of refunded amount based on time limits is : 100% of transaction amount within a month (1 month) and 80% for more than one month. 

- The refund method is made either via a deposit on the customer's PayPal™ account or directly by bank deposit.

Note A: 1 month means within 30 days after user purchased and received the confirmation email from our store with the serial number and download information.

Note B:  Our EULA doesn't provide 30 days money back policy, therefore, without a good reason as shown in the Refund Conditions, we shall not provide refund.

Note C: This apply to PayPal™  transaction only. Paid directly through credit card, convenience store or bank transfer are not included.



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