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Shade3D products line consists of 3 different levels - Basic, Standard and Professional version. Because they have a rich feature set, below table shows what features are available in each level. 


Shade3D ver.16 New Features and Enhancements


16 New Features         BasicStandardProfessional

Using Mathematical Expressions for Numeric Input

Measure Tool

Slide Tool

Shading Only Selected Objects

Cross Section Display

Showing Subdivided Cage Wireframes Using OpenSubdiv

Customizing the Perspective View Grid

OpenSubdiv Display Level

OpenSubdiv Render Level

OpenSubdiv Adaptive Tessellation

Walkthrough Assistant

Walk Camera

Opacity Mask Mapping

Image Caching for Large Renders

UV Flat Unwrap

Auto UV Alignment

16 Improvements         BasicStandardProfessional


Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11 Support

Sketchup 2016 Compatibility

Adjusting Vertex Position When Subdividing Edges

Bevel Round Option Added

Enhanced Object Snap

Edge Sharpness Color

Clearing Edge Sharpness

Changes to Mapping Layer Blend Mode: Multiply

Support for Apple ProRes Codec (Mac)

New Batch Rendering Options

Saving and Loading Workspaces

Panorama VR Rendering Presets


 Shade3D Main Comparison Table


User Interface                               BasicStandardProfessional

Lock File (Security)

 Read Only  Read Only  Read, Write

Preview with Stereoscopic Perspective

Preview Rendering

3D Manipulator

Work Plane

Parallel Projection On/Off

Mouse/Sticky Mouse Scroll and Zoom

Wireframe Color by Marker

Scale Guide

Advanced Snap Tools

Browser Auto-Scroll

Shortcuts Customization

External File Reference

ShadeExplorer (Catalog Objects, Surfaces, Sounds, Documentation)

Shade Browser (Hierarchical Scene Navigation)

Custom Workspace

Script Recording


NVIDIA 3D VISION Perspective View

Preview with Global Illumination

Support for Polarized 3D monitor 

OpenGL/DirectX Acceleration

Delete Undo History 

4K Monitor Compatible

Support Dropbox in ShadeExplorer   

Modeling                               BasicStandardProfessional

Hair Salon Collision detection/ Inertia-Gravity hair animation


Twist Deformer

Replicator (Path & Surface)

Instance (Linked) Shape

Hair Salon

Texture Map to Vertex Color Baking 

Modeling Lights

OpenSubdiv / Edge Sharpness

Wrapping Mesh

Voxelization Mesh

Polygon Reduction

Polygon Smoothing

Edge Optimization

Mesh Merge/Remove : Remove

Mesh Merge/Remove : Remove and Cleanup

Mesh Merge/Remove : Cleanup Vertices

Mesh Merge/Remove : Edge Collapse

Mesh Edit : Strip Face

Mesh Select : Grow

Mesh Select : Shrink

Mesh Select : Ring

Mesh Select : Inner-Region Faces

Mesh Select : Detect : Concave Faces

Mesh Select : Detect : Negative Curvature Vertices

Mesh Select : Small Elements

Mesh Select : Planar Faces

Loop Slice (Enhancement)

Proportional Subdivide Edges (Enhancement)

Bounding Box: Numeric Input

Polygonal Modeling Tools

Curve Surface Modeling Tools

Boolean Modeling

Sketch Modeling

Photo Modeling


Meta-Elements (Ball, Cylinder, Cube)

Subdivision Surface (Catmull-Clark, Doo-Sabin)

Line Offset / Thickness Tool

Bevel Vertex / Bevel Edge

Merge Vertex / Bridge

Cage Modeling Tool

Magnet Modeling Tool


Mesh Editing Tool

Lattice Deformer

Line Fit

Text Primitive 

Separate Tool 

Vertex Color now supported and able to provide simple editing

Material                               BasicStandardProfessional

Subsurface Scattering Parameters

LSCM UV Unwrapping 

Volumetric Material Parameters

Displacement Mapping

UV Mapping Editor

Render Options Per Material

Nano-Renderer Preview of Surface Materials

Alpha Blending

Projection Mapping

Parallax Bump Mapping

Normal Mapping

Lightmaps support

Camera/Light                               BasicStandardProfessional

Shadow Softness with Raytracing

Read IES Light

Physical Sky

Volume Lights Parameters

Fit View to Camera

Meta-camera / Camera Object

Stereo Camera

Distant/Point/Spot/Direction/Distribution/ Ambient/Linear/Area Lights

Rendering                               BasicStandardProfessional

Global Illumination: Radiosity Pro

Rendering History

Color Correction Live Preview

Toon Renderer: Vector Output

Depth of Field “DepthPlus”

Surface Material & Light quality adjustment 

Auto Exposure

Fog, Animated Fog “FogPlus”

Multi-Pass Rendering

Multi-Pass / Number of Samples 

Illumination Quality Adjustment 

Toon Rendering

Native Meta-Elements Rendering

Radiosity Compatibility Mode 

Motion Blur

Global Illumination: Path Tracing + Photon Mapping

Render with Color Correction (gain, gamma, contrast, bias, saturation)

Pixel Depths: 32/64/128bit

Path Tracing with Irradiance Cache

Composition of Rendering result with Backdrop image

Shadow Catcher

Draft Ray Tracing

Global Illumination: Path Tracing

Global Illumination: Photon Mapping

Global Illumination: Radiosity

Stereoscopic Rendering

Area Rendering

Multi-Core CPU Rendering (Up to 32 threads)


(Lite) (Lite)

Maximum Rendering Size (pixels)

2500 x 2500 (2K) 4500 x 4500 (4K) 8K or more:22,528x22,528

Animation                               BasicStandardProfessional

Inverse Kinematics

Motion Effects

Bones and Skin

Vertex Blending / Weight Painting

Smart Kinematics/ Aim Constraints/ Path Constraints


Export Movie with Sound / 3D Sound

Linear movement/ Rotation/ Scaling/ Uniform Scaling/ Ball-Joint deformation animation

Key-frame Animation

Animation Preview

File I/O                               BasicStandardProfessional

BVH Motion File Import


Piranesi EPix format Export

3ds Max (3DS)/Lightwave 3D (LWO)

Adobe Flash SWF (Toon Renderer) Export

Adobe Illustrator AI (Toon Renderer) Export

Adobe Illustrator AI Export

Adobe Flash SWF Export

DirectX Export

Photoshop (PSD) Export

VRML 2.0 Export

Vertex Color I/O through FBX and OBJ format  (ver.15.1)

Wavefront OBJ Import & Export

DXF Import & Export

STL Import & Export

HDR/OPENEXR Import & Export

FBX Import & Export / Daz Studio Integration through FBX  (ver.15.1)

iClone Export (Windows)

COLLADA for BlueMars Export


SketchUp Import (32-bit only)

Second Life Sculpted Prim Export

PoserFusion 2 (pz3, pzz Import)

QTVR Export

XML Import/Export (Shade Scene)

EPSF Import


MPO Export

Audio Import / Export: WAV, AU, AIF, AIFF

AVI Movie Import/Export

QuickTime Movie Import/Export

3D Printing                               BasicStandardProfessional

3D Printing Assistant (Error Check & Repair) 

Others                               BasicStandardProfessional

Plugin Interface

Python Script

OS X Retina Display (Mac OS X)

Check for Updates

ShadeGrid Network Rendering (Render Nodes)

1 1 Unlimited


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