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Shade 3D ver.14.1.3 to be released!

We know that many of our users are waiting for Shade 3D ver.15 and rest assured that the Shade 3D team is working hard to release a product with many interesting features! Stay plugged! 

In the meantime, we want to offer you the exciting opportunity to try the version 14.1.3, an upgraded version with many improvements and fixed bugs. The perfect occasion for the owners of Shade 3D ver.14 to upgrade and enjoy an enhanced version of their favorite software and for new users to discover an improved Shade 3D!

Don't forget to check regularly our website, the upgrade will be available before the end of this year!

Shade 3D Shapeasy Open Beta 3 is released! We received lots of feedback from users all around the world about our open beta 2 and we've improved our new version !

Check out our Shapeasy page now!

Shade 3D Life

- Important announce : End of the collaboration with our U.S publisher 

- Another step forward in the Steam Greenlight Program, stay plugged! 

Winter Holidays: We need to inform our customers that Shade 3D's support won't be available from the 27th of December until the 4th of January. 

Don't forget to look up our Shade 3D Channel! You will find Shade 3D video tutorials to help you to get a better handle on Shade 3D! Check out this fast forward video tutorial!


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