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Friday, August 28, 2015

Special Offer in the Daz 3D Shop!

Quoting the famous website: " One of the top global 3D modeling software packages now at Daz 3D and 30% off!"

All is said! This is an offer you definitely do not want to miss! 

Shapeasy ver.1.0 available in its English version!

A perfect approach to 3D for the youngest and a really fun tool for the confirmed 3D CG designers, the new version features an improved speed, a new UI, new tools and more.

Check our new Shapeasy English webpage out!

Try the trial version!

MarketPlace new content!

Shapeasy is here! So are new items in the MarketPlace!

Alphabet set #1



Shade 3D ver.15.1.1 available

Get the new Shade 3D ver.15.1.1 updater.

Bug fixes, improvements, the Shade 3D team has been working hard to provide you with a better version of your favorite 3DCG software!

Do not forget to regularly check out our update page to know about the latest additions of Shade 3D.

New Shade 3D ver.15 Demo Reel

Jürgen Schulz, a great Shade 3D user, is back with an outstanding video showing the new version of Shade real power. 

You will feel all the beauty of the south mediterranean countries in this amazing trip made out of colors, lightings and a symphony of southern flavors. 

Relax and enjoy the trip! 


Shapeasy ver.1.0 English version!

Shade 3D and the rotator!

Hector the Dog and low poly modeling!

Hand Video tutorial!

Go and visit the video page of our official youtube Shade3D Channel! And please, do not forget to Subscribe!

Upgrade your Shade 3D version!

You feel you have been exploring enough your Basic or Standard version of Shade 3D? You want to move to more serious things! Check our Upgrade/Cross Upgrade section!

What else?

MarketPlace Design Updated!

A lighter and easier design to navigate in our MarketPlace is now online. You will now find on the top page the new features and latest news re-arranged and a ranking for our hot items! Also, you can now switch easily between our 3 sections! 


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