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Thank you for using Shade3D.
We would like to inform you about the response status of our products with macOS Big Sur.
For details, please see the following according to the version you are using.

Update Date: 2021.1.6

Response status of macOS Big Sur(11.1)
Product name Version Intel Apple Silicon Note
Shade3D Ver.21Ver.21.1 *1*1 *3 Supported by applying the latest updater (Ver.21.1)
Shade3D Ver.20Ver.20.1 *1*1 Supported by applying the latest updater (Ver.21.1)
MagicalSketch 3D Ver.3Ver.3.1.2 xx Unsupported. Startup issues have been confirmed.
Shapeasy Ver.1Ver.1.2.1 *2*2 There is no problem with basic operations other than some functions.

*1 Accessibility access (event) is displayed by operating the mouse to move/ rotate/ enlarge/ reduce the drawing navigation tool.
This is because the mouse cursor is controlled on Shade3D by moving, rotating, and scaling the navigation tool.
If there is no problem, please allow it in the accessibility settings from "Open" System Preferences "".
Please refer to this Knowledge Base for details.

*2 It has been confirmed that the vertical slider bar for setting the thickness of the entire shape moves in the opposite direction to the display.

*3 The following functions are not installed in the native operation of macOS (Apple Silicon).

  • Radiosity
  • glTF importer, exporter
  • SketchUp importer, exporter
  • FBX importer, exporter
  • COLLADA importer, exporter
  • PoserFusion
  • Operation with 3Dconnexion 3D mouse
  • Legacy plugin

To use the above functions, select Shade3D in Finder and check the box for "Open using Rosetta" from "Get Info".

Confirmed normal operation in our verification environment.
* Operation is not guaranteed as the development has been terminated.
Confirmed operational failures in our verification environment.
* Operation is not guaranteed as the development has been terminated.
× There is a problem./ Unsupported
Under Review

*Regarding third-party plugin
If a third-party plug-in is installed, you may not be able to start the product. Please check with the plug-in creator for the compatibility of each plug-in.

We look forward to your continued patronage of Shade3D products in the future.

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