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ft-lab has been researching and developing 3DCG technologies for years. Recently they covered application development for handheld devices like smart phones but also desktops. As the studio has a passion for Japan's history, one of its target in the near future is to reproduce old Japanese streets and buildings using HMD (Oculus Rift).


MMD Exporter



MMD Exporter is a plug-in for Shade 3D that converts a scene to an MMD (MikuMikuDance) format.




BoneUtil is a plug-in that provides a convinient set of tools to control the bone joint in Shade 3D.




Shade 3D ver.14 or above (Std/Pro)

by ft-lab

500 JPY (Approx. 4.22 USD)

AOUtil Plugin is used to render Ambient Occlusion in Shade 3D.     




Shade 3D ver.14 or above (Std/Pro)

by ft-lab

500 JPY (Approx. 4.22 USD)

UVUtil provides useful tools to handle UVs in Shade 3D.

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