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About Shapeasy Mobile



Shapeasy is a whole new kind of 3D app. By combining geometric (or freehand) shapes it's easy to create 3D models of surprising intricacy in very little time. Show off to friends, or send the file to a 3D printer to hold your creation in your hands!

ANYONE can make their imagination come alive in 3D. No expert knowledge required.

3D PRINTING has never been easier! Use Shapeasy to create objects for 3D printing. Simply export your model as an STL file and it's ready to go.

LOTS OF TEMPLATES to help you get started. Mix and match them with your own creations for an original 3D scene. Each template can be freely modified, so you never feel boxed in.

DID WE MENTION EASY? It's so easy, children AND adults can feel like pros!


With Shapeasy you can:
• Combine shapes, including rectangles, triangles and disks, to create 3D objects
• Preview your creations in 3D
• Zoom in and out, and rotate your view in any direction
• Change the thickness of shapes
• Create complex objects by combining shapes of different thicknesses
• Load an image file as a design template
• Save your creations as a 3D scene
• Save individual creations as templates that can be reused in any scene
• Create 3D shapes by drawing freehand
• Export to STL format
• Share your creations between Mac or PC versions of Shapeasy

** Please note that Shapeasy for iOS does not include all features available in the Mac and PC versions. **



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