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Shade3D mobile


Shade3D mobile is a free application for iPhone/iPad that allows you to view Shade3D scene files (*.shd). Benefit from a 360-degree view and multi-touch gestures for rotating your 3D model. 3D panorama images are now also supported.

An essential communication tool for presentations and meetings, Shade3D mobile lets you take full advantage of your 3D files!

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Shade3D mobile ver.1.5
View panorama images created in Shade3D or other 3D software in PNG image format
Integrate with Dropbox to download Shade3D scene and image files from within Shade3D mobile
Open and view Shade3D rendered images





Carry your 3D files everywhere!




Shade3D mobile is a viewer that supports iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. You can now carry your 3D files around with these devices and benefit from the high definition Retina displays to enjoy a clear and sharp 3D! Check your 3D model with the multi-touch function and with the automatic rotation mode, amaze your audience during a meeting or a presentation!


Easy to Share files!


Websites links and emails files attachments can easily be checked on iPad/iPhone thanks to Shade 3D mobile that can access various online storages. 

- Dropbox tightly integrate with Shade3D mobile with direct access file download (from ver.1.5)

- Through iTunes document folder, a lot of files can be managed simultaneously

- Open/Read any Shade scene file attached to an email

- Send snapshot of the viewer by email

- Thanks to the "Open in..." function, you can open the Shade file in online storages such as a DropBox or Cloud systems


Shade3D mobile ver.1.5 Operating Environments

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

File type: Shade3D scene format (shd format), PNG image


File information

- Panorama Preview: Render scene file in Shade3D with panorama projection and then view it in Shade3D mobile

- Advanced Shade features: Compatible with shapes associated to a bone function

- Supported formats: Shade3D scene (shd format), as well as the previous file format, PNG images

- Shapes: Circle, Sphere, closed line shapes, sweep, rotate, free-form surface, polygon mesh (shapes will be converted to polygon mesh, displays only rendering mode).

- Camera: Camera & Meta Camera. Viewpoint, Zoom

- Infinite light source. Color, direction, brightness, ambient light, corresponding to "diffuse reflection".

- Surface Material Settings: Diffuse reflection, gloss 1 & gloss 2 synthesized as a single gloss. Reflection is represented by the environment mapping, transparency and fresnel are included. Polygon mesh's facegroups are handled by Shade 3D mobile.

- Background: Physics Sky and background image settings

- Texture mapping. A single layer of diffuse reflection is handled. When several layers are present, Shade 3D mobile will give priority to the first layer. Synthetic mode of mapping is applied as usual.


Get Shade3D mobile


You can download Shade 3D mobile from the iTunes App Store.

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