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RIB Exporter plugin Version Released

New version of RIB exporter plugin now updated in Marketplace store. Check it out!

Free Download from here!



- Support for RenderMan 21 added
- RenderMan version option added to export dialog (select 21.x or 20.x)
- Support for distant lights added
- Window for adjusting light information removed
- Fixed error that would happen when rendering with prman when a polygon mesh vertex coordinate is NaN
- Fixed issue of master images and master surfaces not exporting properly when a colon (:), etc. is in the name

- Added support for exporting point lights and spotlights
- Added support for image mapping layers with Roughness
- Added PxrOcclusion (ambient occlusion) to the list of integrators
- Fixed crash when exporting to RIB when a face group is set to None
- Partial support for Catmull-Clark added.
- However, mapping is incorrect if UVs are not connected.
- Objects with subdivision surfaces applied will not render correctly if face groups are specified.

*Compatible with the latest Shade3D ver.16 Standard and Professional version.

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