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Shade3D Educational Licensing System

Q:  Who can qualify to apply for an Educational License ? 

A: If you are a certified teacher or if you belong to an educational system (school, highschool, university, specialized school, training center...) you can apply to the Shade3D educational licensing program and obtain discounted Shade3D licenses for your students. You will need to provide Shade3D Co.,Ltd. sales staff with the proper documents certifying your status/position within the educational institution you belong to. 

Q: Lets speak about the price. What are the discounts for the educational licenses? 

A: Please refer to the tables below and see our offers (prices in USD)


Regular Prices

Product Price
Shade3D Basic ver.16                              $85.00 USD
Shade3D Standard ver.16                            $331.00 USD
Shade3D Professional ver.16                            $666.00 USD


Educational Licensing Prices - Single License

Product Price
Shade3D Basic ver.16 E.L.                                $64.00 USD
Shade3D Standard ver.16 E.L.                              $170.00 USD
Shade3D Professional ver.16 E.L.                              $340.00 USD




Q: How long are my licenses valid for?

A: We are offering Educational Licensing for a "version cycle": 

As you can see, there is no limitation, the version is the full version and offers all the features included in the non academic version.  


With the "version cycle" you will benefit from all the

improvements related to the version number you bought: if you have purchased the version 16, you will have access to all the updates available for this version.


However, when Shade3D Co.,Ltd. will release a new Shade3D version, you will need to purchase it. Your Education Licensing is limited to the original purchased version.