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Shade 3D for Unity is a free tool that let you create and transform your animated 3D models into game ready content for Unity 3D development.

Unity is a cross-platform game creation system, including a game engine and integrated developement environment (IDE). Unity is used to develop video games for web sites, desktop platforms, consoles and mobile devices. 

With Shade 3D for Unity*, you will be able to import standard 3D file formats (FBX, Wavefront OBJ, SketchUp skp, Shade shd files) and modify them so it will be easy to import them into your next Unity based game. Click the icon below to download the FREE Shade 3D for Unity (Mac OS X / Windows).

Get Shade 3D for Unity

Another amazing tool you might want to use is Shade 3D Loader. This tool provides auto conversion to FBX format when Shade 3D scene files (.shd) are added to a Unity project. Click the icon below to download Shade 3D Loader for Unity.

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*** Click here to see our Tutorial  "Shade 3D for Unity" ***

If you want to enjoy advanced features such as advanced modeling, rendering and animation tools, particle physics and more, Shade 3D ver.15 Professional offers everything you will need for Unity. Go to our Buy section in order to purchase Shade 3D ver.15 Professional.

*Shade 3D for Unity product is based on Shade 13 version.

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